Our Brands

Outstanding brands for happy pets

The welfare of the animals is our top priority. That is why we only produce and sell products of the highest quality in the areas of food, litter, toys, accessories and clothing. You can rely on that.


Professional Classic

Our well-known Professional Classic series presents itself in a new look and with new varieties. The Professional Classic Bentonite Litter is characterised by extremely strong odour binding and efficient lump formation. Find the perfect litter for your needs.

SoftCat & SoftCat Corn

SoftCat is a soft and gentle natural litter made from fast-growing grasses with special clumping properties, ultra-light and extremely absorbent. The plant fibres absorb liquids immediately by forming node-like bonds with each other. Odours have no chance of being released. Especially suitable for kittens. Now brand new in the range: SoftCat Corn.

Kittys Farm

With Kitty's Farm dry or wet food, you bring the natural taste of the countryside directly into your cat's bowl. We have taken special care in the recipe to ensure that the ingredients are as fresh as if they had come straight from the farm shop. Without artificial colours and flavours, your cat will love it!

Schulzes Best

Our food line for dogs

Schulze's Best Super Premium dry food stands for a naturally healthy and balanced diet for adult dogs of all breeds. The selected, grain-free recipes are based on high-quality ingredients such as meat and vegetables with valuable vitamins, natural herbs and oils. The high meat proportion and special composition make Schulze's Best easily digestible and also ideally suited for sensitive dogs with food intolerances.


Superfoods are foods that contain a particularly high proportion of nutrients and active ingredients as well as many natural bioactive substances. They are therefore considered to be particularly healthy. Porta21 Superfood contains finest and individually selected vegetables that provide cats with valuable nutrients on a daily basis. Extra cubes of 100% pure meat, gently freeze-dried, ensure a high, animal protein content in addition to the high meat content of the kibbles. This supports the cat's health and vitality.

Feline PORTA21

Feline PORTA21 wet food for cats is a super-premium supplementary food made from natural ingredients. There are no chemical preservatives, colourings or flavourings and no added sugar. The high-quality meats are rich in animal proteins and important nutrients. No animal by-products are used. All recipes have a low fat content - excellent also for indoor cats.


As the exclusive Starmark distributor in Europe, we offer award-winning training and behavior tools developed by the world leader in pet training.
All products are developed and tested at the Starmark Academy in the USA. 

Feline Finest

Porta21 Feline Finest stands for species-appropriate dry food in the super premium segment. Its carefully selected recipes are precisely tailored to the different nutritional needs of cats - 100% free of soy and sugar additives, artificial preservatives, colourings and flavourings.


PORTAWEAR is our premium brand for functional dog clothing and selected accessories. These include dog shoes for maximum comfort and safety, dog backpacks as well as food bags and pouches. All products are comfortable and specially designed for maximum durability.